My annoyingly weird problem led me to alternative medicine

I have this annoyingly weird problem that has been bothering me for a very long time. I noticed it first in 2008, but I was in denial. I thought it would go away on its own. But after 2 years (in 2010), I’ve finally decided I should do something about this annoyingly weird problem.

So just like any sick person would do, I went to the hospital to find out what’s wrong with me. But when I told the doctors about my annoyingly weird problem, they deny it and tell me there’s nothing wrong with me. I think they were just saying that so I wouldn’t feel bad about myself. It still doesn’t change the fact that this annoyingly weird problem is not going away and is affecting my life. So I consulted with different doctors from different hospitals just so I could understand what’s happening to me. But still, they couldn’t give me a clear answer. They were all consistently telling me there is no problem. Should I just accept and let it go?

After a year of consultation with different doctors, I gave up on conventional medicine and started exploring alternative medicine. Alternative medicine has a different approach when it comes to diseases. The goal is not to treat the symptoms but instead, understand that the symptoms are just signs of an underlying problem. The symptoms will keep recurring until the underlying problem is solved. Since no one can give an explanation about my annoyingly weird problem, I tried researching and I found out that my annoyingly weird problem might be connected to a stomach problem. Then I learned about Dr Tams Miracle Tea. They said that it is good for stomach/colon cleansing. I know it’s not a cure but out of curiosity, I tried it. After a week, my dry cough was cured and my post nasal drip was reduced. Although, my annoyingly weird problem still bothers me, at least it’s a good start. The results are enough for me to believe in what alternative medicine can do. From then on whenever I get sick, I only go to the doctors for a diagnosis but I always choose alternative medicine as my treatment plan.

When I was diagnosed with arthritis in 2012, I decided to try alternative medicine again. I searched the internet on how to cure arthritis. I changed my diet, took green barley, apple cider vinegar, and Quantumin. I recorded my progress and after 3 months, my arthritis was cured. When we went back to the doctor, he cannot believe I was cured that fast. He asked how and I just gave him my notes.

In 2015, I was diagnosed with pneumonia. How easy it is to get a diagnosis for arthritis and pneumonia, but for my annoyingly weird problem, why couldn’t I get one? Or an explanation even so I could understand? Anyway, this pneumonia keeps recurring every year since 2008 and lasts for a month. But this time, after doing liver flushing for 5 days, pneumonia was gone immediately! No more coughing. I can finally sleep at night.

It’s amazing how alternative medicine has helped cure my pneumonia, arthritis, and dry cough. I’ve heard from my healers that they can also cure cancer and lots of other diseases as well. Currently, I’m doing detox for ovarian cyst. It was diagnosed 2013, but we explored integrative medicine first before going back to alternative medicine. Now, I’m finally doing it. I believe alternative medicine can cure a lot of diseases except my annoyingly weird problem. Should I just deal with it for the rest of my life or keep exploring for a cure?

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