My dream park

There is this park that I go to everyday not too far from my house. Its just a small village park, clean and simple. Its a good place for me to relax, go for a walk or just read a book. It gave me a break or a chance to forget my troubles for a while. And as I spend my days in this park, I came to realize that someday I want to have a park of my own.

I want the park to be small but open to everyone. There will be lots of trees everywhere, tall and thick. There will also be a jogging trail for people to jog or go for a walk. There will also be a playground set, swings, slides, etc, for children to play. Along the sides there will be picnic tables for eating or hanging out. If it rains, there’s no need to go and look for a shade. The trees will be enough to provide shade from sun and rain.

But one thing that makes this park special is the food. There will be free meals served during lunch. The meals are simple, healthy and delicious. And it is free for everyone, no questions asked. Once the bell rings for lunch, people will go in line, get their free meal, sit down on picnic tables and enjoy their meals while talking with their fellow mates. But this is just a fantasy. I haven’t thought about the technical details yet like the location of the kitchen or how many people do I need, etc. All I want is a nice park full of happy people eating together.

2 thoughts on “My dream park”

  1. Add an area to play frisbee. Also, punish those who won’t clean their pet’s shit. Bawal din mag-siga syempre :3

    May designated trash bins then may machine that will process the biodegradeables and yun yung gagamiting fertilizer sa mga flowers, if ever there are.

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