Mega Man E-Tank Sports Drink

Mega Man E-tank Sports Drink

Anyone who’s ever played a Mega Man game will be surprised to see Mega Man E-tanks turned into sports drinks. An E-tank, by the way, is Mega Man’s power up item that restores his energy in the game.

Megaman X AvatarJust found out that Capcom released a Mega Man E-Tank Sports Drink last August in celebration of the September launch of Mega Man 9. E-tank drinks cost 137 Yen or $1.25 USD each and is available only in Japan.

Megaman E-Tank Energy Can

Since Mega Man has been one of my favorite video game characters, the fan in me wants to buy one. I searched for e-tank drinks on and this is what I found:

Megaman 6-pack E-Tank Energy Drinks

How cool is that?

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  1. Cool…I have also checked the and saw that the 6-pack is almost PHP 1,500.00 (in computation around 250 each) I hope that it will also be sell here in Philippines…

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