My WordCamp Philippines 2008 Experience

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The first ever Wordcamp in the Philippines and Southeast Asia was held at the Dela Salle – College of St. Benilde last Saturday, September 6, 2008.

Arrived at McDonalds at 7:30am, ate breakfast and went inside the campus at around 8:20 am. Met Manu Ofiaza of and exchanged URLs while waiting for the event to start. After a few minutes, we all stood up for the National Anthem. Then, there goes the morning sessions.

Creating WordPress Themes & CSS Power by Gail Villanueva. Gail showed us the less used templates in WordPress themes such as the Image template (image.php), and the File Not Found template (404.php). The image.php uses the built-in Image Gallery function in WordPress to display the photos (gallery style) without using a plugin. I will try to create and use these templates for my blog next week.

Developing WordPress Plugins by Markku Seguerra. Markku discussed the basics of creating WordPress plugins. There are Action hooks and Filter hooks that are being used as triggers. Our codes will only run if these hooks were called from the function. Now I already have an idea where to start. But I need more time!

WordPress as a CME/CMS by Karla Redor. Karla showed us the website of Ford Auto Car Shows, which looked so good that no one would think it was made from WordPress. She explained how Ford probably did it. A combination of good theme and right plugins equals, CMS!

After lunch, Matt Mullenweg discussed The Future of WordPress.

  1. WordPress users have significantly increased from last year.
  2. Matt showed us a bunch of tags popularly used by Filipinos. Some words were interestingly funny and made us laugh.
  3. Friendster blogs will soon be using WordPress as their blogging platform.
  4. Matt showed a demo of WordPress 2.7, to be released on Novermber 2008.

There were short games and raffles in between the afternoon sessions. Met another blogger, Kevin Paquet of Then, Aileen Apolo discussed how Google Analytics can help blogs in terms of advertising and SEO.

WordPress & Web Standards by Regnard Raquedan. Regnard explained how developers should be responsible coders by writing codes efficiently. Efficient codes help save server load, which means lesser power consumption and can save up on electricity bills. He also explained that some sites don’t render well in IE (Internet Explorer) and so he suggested that we should “Kill IE6!”, and I agree. Hehe.

After the launch of Cebu Pacific Blogging Challenge, I went home. I learned a lot and I was excited to code again.

Kudos to the Mindanao Bloggers for making this event possible. Big thanks to the sponsors, and of course to the speakers and volunteers who were all dedicated, from the start till the end. Hoping to attend another Wordcamp Philippines in 2009!

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