My QRriosity for QR codes

QR codes are images in black and white that carry data. This data can be:

a text,

QR Code Text

contact information (vCard),

QR Code Vcard

map coordinates,

QR Code GPS coordinates

a URL,


and a lot more.

The data can be read by capturing the QR code image with a QR code reader (a free software that can be installed on any camera phone). This is not a paid post, btw.

QR code on billboards

In Japan, QR codes are widely used especially in advertising. QR codes are being displayed on billboards and people can scan it from far away. It may contain a url to the company’s website, or a text that describes more information about the product being advertised. Others print them on business cards so it will be easier for the recipient to save all the information (name, contact number, email, website) instead of manually entering them. (image courtesy of Jon Sykes)

Some companies use them on hamburger wrappers.

Scanning the QR Code brings up a URL, which will take customers to the nutritional information for the food they are eating. Customers will be able to view the amount of calories in their meal, as well as the amount of sodium, fat, protein and carbs. From

Some companies have tried incorporationg logos inside QR codes. From

QR Code Adidas

QR codes can be created for FREE using QR code generating websites like Quickmark. It is the same website where people can download free QR code readers. Given that QR codes are free to generate and QR code readers are free to download, why isn’t it used in the Philippines? The answer is just like chicken-egg theory, why would companies display QR codes on their products if no one has QR code readers on their phones? Why would people install QR code readers if there’s no QR codes to scan?

I’m just amazed at how QR codes work. Imagine, QR codes can transmit data to your phone, without relying on other technologies such as cellsite signal, IR signal, or bluetooth signal. Plus, it doesn’t take too much space to put on business cards, packaging labels, billboards, etc. Since this technology is still new, I’m hoping that in the future, it can carry other forms of data like images, mp3s, documents, etc. Not sure if it will be helpful in advertising but I think it can still be used in other areas.

I’m also hoping that someday, someone can intergrate QR codes with GPS trackers (for tourists or travelers). I still have to make a separate post about that. But if you already have downloaded a QR code reader and want to explore more about QR codes, go to (a text messages website) and copy any text message you like by scanning the QR code next to it. You can copy text jokes, greetings, riddles, or inspirational messages that you may want to keep on your phone or share with your friends.

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  1. According to some sources, there were some companies who were trying to promote QR codes in the US, but the people are still not interested.

    But QR codes are now starting to gain interest in Europe.

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