Sing, Sing, Sing

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite performances from singing contests I’ve watched on TV.

Yeng Constantino, Pangarap Lang (Pinoy Dream Academy)
What’s surprising about this performance is how Yeng sang and moved around the stage confidently, as if everything was choreographed. But it actually wasn’t, because it was different from the rehearsals shown the day before Gala night. That’s why even the mentors were amazed.

Aside from singing, Yeng also knows how to compose ORIGINAL songs. Her talent for writing and composing songs were discovered when she composed Salamat and Awit ng Pangarap inside “The Academy”. After winning PDA, these two songs were included in her first solo album, Salamat. Her album reached 3x platinum (90,000 copies sold).

Panky and Eman, Yugyugan Na, (Pinoy Dream Academy)
I would also like to add Panky and Eman’s Yugyugan Na from PDA Season 1. But unfortunately, no one bothered to upload them on Youtube.

The next two videos are rockers who performed their ORIGINAL song compositions in Rockstar INXS. Both original and vocally challenging.

JD Fortune, Pretty Vegas (Rockstar INXS)

Marty Casey, Trees (Rockstar INXS)

Erik Santos, This is The Moment (Star in a Million)
I like the heavy belting in the end.

After winning Star in a Million, Erik Santos’s first album, This Is The Moment, reached Triple Platinum (more than 90,000 copies sold). ABS-CBN’s Balladeers sell.

Maureen Marcelo, Till My Heartaches End (Philippine Idol)
This is Maureen Marcelo’s wildcard performance on Philippine Idol. Pilita Corales and Ryan Cayabyab said: “You looked elegant” and “World class”.

Chikezie, She’s a Woman (American Idol 7)
I now realized that American Idol is not a singing competition but a MUSIC competition, that’s why I’m not satisfied with some of the performances. Some were vocally challenging but not original, while some were original but not vocally challenging. But Chikezie’s OWN arrangement of She’s a Woman is truly vocally challenging, out-of-the-box, and ORIGINAL! No one would have thought it could be sung that way.

Vincent Bueno, Grease Lightning (Musical! Die Show)
Musical! Die Show is not an ordinary singing competition. It is more challenging because the contestants are expected to sing, dance, and act all at the same time.

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