My brother won 1st place in Rubik’s 4x4x4

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My little brother has been cubing since January of this year. From him, I learned that a Rubiks cube can be solved by just learning some formulas, or commonly known as algorithms among cubers. And just last month, he competed in a Rubik’s cube event held at Asia Pacific College. The cubes provided were of low quality and not lubricated, which made it more challenging. But even so, he finished the 4x4x4 (Rubik’s Revenge) in 2:44 (2 minutes and 44 seconds), which won him 1st place in the 4x4x4 speed solving category. He also ranked 2nd place in 3x3x3 speed solving, where in he finished the cube in 2:28 (2 minutes and 28 seconds). But when he is using a high-quality lubricated cube, he can solve a 3x3x3 in 1:30 at most.

Other categories in the said event were:

  1. 3x3x3 speed solving
  2. 3x3x3 one-hand
  3. 3x3x3 blindfolded
  4. 4x4x4 speed solving
  5. 5x5x5 speed solving

To think that it was his first Rubik’s cube competition, I was amazed. Congrats bro!

6 thoughts on “My brother won 1st place in Rubik’s 4x4x4”

  1. Wow Congrats sa brod mo! 2:44 mins lang? Ako isang oras or more hahaha.

    Me ganitong level na pala? Ganda naman ng bagong blog mo kaso bakit ganun “nome” daw hahaha. Congrats!

    Nagsubscribe na ako sa bloglines mo. Keep on posting. Keep up!

  2. ako nga di maka-buo e! hahaha! Kakaiba nga tong theme na napulot ko parang italian. Ma-edit nga mamaya. hehehe! Thanks!

  3. kaya mo rin yan, madami lang daw kinakabisadong formulas. eh ako, mahina ako mag memorize hahaha!

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