Alexandrea Lushington’s If You Leave Me Now

Alexandrea LushingtonI’ve been watching American Idol on QTV 11 these past few weeks. One of my favorites, Alexandrea (Alex-andre-a) Lushington, has been voted off last week. The judges didn’t like her version of If You Leave Me Now (Chicago). But honestly, I think it was good. I really liked it. If it hadn’t been for her nice low-register voice, it would have sounded acoustic or ballad, which I think won’t sound any different from the original. I have nothing against those type of songs. I just like the way she turned it into a nice soothing soulful song. It sounded sweet. I love it!


But then again, the judges were not impressed, and so were the viewers. She sang the same song during the vote-off episode and her close friend, David Archuleta, was crying the whole time.

David Archuleta Crying

As soon as she finished singing, she went out and gave him a hug. Watching them like that made my heart melt. To describe it in Tagalog, it was like “tagos sa puso” (bigat no?). Well, maybe its just me.

Alexandrea hugs David 1

Alexandrea hugs David 2


Can’t attach the video, watch it here:

Watch Alex as she sings her own version of Jamaican Funk. This is another side of her that we haven’t seen on the show.


7 thoughts on “Alexandrea Lushington’s If You Leave Me Now”

  1. hi, thanks for posting! do you know what hes going to sing in the finale? hope you can share more info about your idol.

  2. Thanks so much for the video of Jamaican Funk. I found it on youtube and then found you blog. She was a favorite of mine on the show. I absolutely loved her and was so sorry to see her leave. I have high hopes that she will have a career doing what she loves because she is mega-talented.

  3. Thanks mommm1, I’m glad you liked it! I really think she can offer more than what she has showed on AI. Will post another video of her when I have time.

  4. Oh,yah his soO, Caring thats why many love him. . .Luv u sOo much archien that is my way 4 calling him. I hope youll be nice always. .Luv u fr.Ur avid fans heva!

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