Updates from the busy normie

Feels good to be back and feeling normal. Cant say much because Im back.


  • Just went through genetic counseling yesterday. Thank God, my new doctor understands me. She’s the first doctor who validated my concerns and is willing to help me go forward on this. She explained to me everything. Continue reading Updates from the busy normie

My annoyingly weird problem led me to alternative medicine

I have this annoyingly weird problem that has been bothering me for a very long time. I noticed it first in 2008, but I was in denial. I thought it would go away on its own. But after 2 years (in 2010), I’ve finally decided I should do something about this annoyingly weird problem. Continue reading My annoyingly weird problem led me to alternative medicine


It has been a long time since I’ve written on this blog.

When I started blogging in 2008, my blogposts then were mostly about SEO, geek stuff, and travel. I also write my opinion regarding singing contests. Today, I regret posting some of them because they were insensitive and too opinionated as if I’m an expert. It’s not me anymore. But I decided to just leave it there because its part of my past. It’s part of who I was before. Or maybe I still am. I don’t know. I’m not sure. Continue reading Transition

My dream park

There is this park that I go to everyday not too far from my house. Its just a small village park, clean and simple. Its a good place for me to relax, go for a walk or just read a book. It gave me a break or a chance to forget my troubles for a while. And as I spend my days in this park, I came to realize that someday I want to have a park of my own. Continue reading My dream park

A cup in hand

A cup in hand“, is a famous line from a TV commercial of a particular coffee brand. I’m writing this because I’m hooked on their jingles. They were all using the same melody and lyrics, “One moment, one Nescafe”, and yet they were able to express different sounds and moods.

These are my favorites (listed In no particular order):

Let’s sit, let’s talk, one moment, one Nescafe

Summer Reggae – 30 sec (Cut from 40 sec to 30)

A cup in hand, you know its worth your while
A cup in hand, will you just stay for a while
Let minutes turn to moments
Let’s sit, let’s talk, one moment, one Nescafe

Continue reading A cup in hand

SEO Philippines Christmas Gathering 2008

I only started learning about the basics of SEO when I joined the Bayanihan SEO contest. But when I attended the SEO Philippines Christmas Gathering last Saturday, I have learned more:

  • new SEO tactics using databases and IP addresses
  • domaineering and Adsense for Domains (coming soon)
  • the dark side (not black-hat), basta

Aside from learning, we also had a great time drinking, chatting, taking pictures and eating (unlimited peanuts?)! Hehe. But the hottest part of the night was the discussion about the current status of the SEO community in the Philippines and selling the seo.ph webite. So I support Gary and Zaldy‘s call for action. Continue reading SEO Philippines Christmas Gathering 2008

Mega Man E-Tank Sports Drink

Mega Man E-tank Sports Drink

Anyone who’s ever played a Mega Man game will be surprised to see Mega Man E-tanks turned into sports drinks. An E-tank, by the way, is Mega Man’s power up item that restores his energy in the game.

Megaman X AvatarJust found out that Capcom released a Mega Man E-Tank Sports Drink last August in celebration of the September launch of Mega Man 9. E-tank drinks cost 137 Yen or $1.25 USD each and is available only in Japan.

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Batanes, Simply Captivating

These are what you will most likely see in Batanes: a scenic view of the hills with cows roaming on the grass; tall lighthouses standing like a mighty tower on a hill; the boats which they call Falowa used for island hopping; bikes with little baskets used by Ivatans for daily commuting; old stone houses that have been preserved for years; big large boulders lying along the stretch of Valugan Bay; “Blow UR Horn” signs carved on every turn of the zigzag roads; and the water splashing against cliffs and rock formations on the sea. How could I forget Batanes?

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My WordCamp Philippines 2008 Experience

wordcamp bag and badge

The first ever Wordcamp in the Philippines and Southeast Asia was held at the Dela Salle – College of St. Benilde last Saturday, September 6, 2008.

Arrived at McDonalds at 7:30am, ate breakfast and went inside the campus at around 8:20 am. Met Manu Ofiaza of Auction.ph and exchanged URLs while waiting for the event to start. After a few minutes, we all stood up for the National Anthem. Then, there goes the morning sessions.

Creating WordPress Themes & CSS Power by Gail Villanueva. Gail showed us the less used templates in WordPress themes such as the Image template (image.php), and the File Not Found template (404.php). The image.php uses the built-in Image Gallery function in WordPress to display the photos (gallery style) without using a plugin. I will try to create and use these templates for my blog next week.

Developing WordPress Plugins by Markku Seguerra. Markku discussed the basics of creating WordPress plugins. There are Action hooks and Filter hooks that are being used as triggers. Our codes will only run if these hooks were called from the function. Now I already have an idea where to start. But I need more time! Continue reading My WordCamp Philippines 2008 Experience