Updates from the busy normie

Feels good to be back and feeling normal. Cant say much because Im back.


  • Just went through genetic counseling yesterday. Thank God, my new doctor understands me. She’s the first doctor who validated my concerns and is willing to help me go forward on this. She explained to me everything. This is a rare condition so I now understand that it might be the reason why my previous doctors don’t know how to address my problem. I just need a proper diagnosis, a document, a proof, a starting point.
  • I also took food intolerance testing last January. But I think I need to create a separate post for that.
  • Im kind of bouncing between conventional medicine and alternative medicine.


  • Zero. Im trying my best to be social, online.


  • Ive been working at home for a year and a half now and so far I think Im doing ok. I can now do WordPress again. But for some reason I still cant finish my personal WordPress projects. I need maybe an inspiration or something, change of environment, I dont know.

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