18JulA rock from the beach

Rock from a beachI’ve been keeping this rock in my room since college. All I can remember is that I got it from a beach somewhere. But I can’t remember from what beach, who am I with that time, and what special event happened, that I still cared to bring it home with me considering that it is so heavy. This rock must really be special. I really wanted to find out. I tried closing the lights in my room hoping that it would glow in the dark. But it did not.

Heart HandWhile I was looking at it, I thought of Jason Mraz again! His latest video, I’m Yours reminded me of my college days when we used to go to beaches, lakes, waterfalls (unplanned). It maybe tiring at times especially when we walk on slimy wet rocks, but its all worth it. It made me miss my old friends. I haven’t been going out lately because I’ve been concentrating on my personal geeky projects that consume my time and money. Plus, I have dayjob too!

Anyway, here’s Jason Mraz’s latest video, I’m Yours.

  1. 1 Reyshuie28 Dec 2008

    Awww, miss mo na kami? Tara gimik ulit tayo. Ibang destinations naman! Haha!

  2. 2 icezorg30 Dec 2008

    Miss ko na kayo. Tara! Hehe!

  3. 3 hitokirihoshi_kawaii17 Mar 2009

    hmmmm… me too, i brought rocks from our pundaquit trip. wala lang souvenir… in fairness medyo useful naman.. pabigat sa papel, display in our batroom/ my workstation/ my Purple Nassau and panakot sa mga pasaway…


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